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Kim and Micah :: colorful Wisconsin barn wedding

Everyone sat with tears in their eyes during the ceremony, as Kim’s Dad read journal entries written by her Mom from just before she had passed away, just a short year ago! She journaled about how much she loved her family, especially her two girls. She wrote about how she had met Micah, the endearing qualities that he had and how much she saw her daughter’s smile light up as she watch the two of them together. And she wrote about her amazing family and God-filled marriage with her husband; their bond with one another and her dreams and wishes for all of them before she passed! I found myself being pulled into her words; being captivated by her thoughtfulness and tender-heartedness towards her family!

In those moments, my camera didn’t matter…what mattered was the fact that Kim and Micah were being showered in words of truth and memory of her Mom! They were being blessed and loved through tears and laughter as her Dad read pages of wishes and notes for a happy future and amazing marriage! :) Then Micah’s parents came up and spoke some equally perfect words of truth and wisdom over them! :) Kim and Micah’s ceremony was one of the most fulfilling ceremony’s I have ever witnessed; not only were they surrounded by supportive family and friends watch them share vows and speak promises to one another but they it felt as though they were being hugged with a GIANT bear hug as we watched the ceremony! :) It was amazing! God-filled group songs were sung, heart-felt vows were recited and joyful tears and smiles were on everyone’s face (including mine)! :) WOW!

The rest of the day, spent at the Barn at Harvest Moon, was full of hugging, yummy kabobs, artisan chocolates, handmade ice cream toppings (from the talented bride), family group photos and a sparkler exit! :) This Sunday wedding was laid back, colorful and full of Wisconsin barn charm! I don’t think that Kim and Micah could have asked for a better afternoon wedding! YAY for the blessed and happy newlyweds! :)

Kim-and-Micah-ceremonyKim-and-Micah-inviteMicah-and-Kimberly-FILM-085Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-251Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-252Kim-and-Micah-getting-ready-bwMicah-and-Kimberly-FILM-263Kim-and-Micah-boutsWisconsin barn wedding, colorful wedding details, outdoor wedding, Emily Steffen, film wedding photographer, Emily Steffen Photography Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-145Kim-and-Micah-bw-walkingMicah-and-Kimberly-FILM-164Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-173Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-191Kim-and-Micah-under-treeKim-and-Micah-flowers-wpMicah-and-Kimberly-FILM-118Kim-and-Micah-sunsetKim-and-Micah-flowersKimberly-and-Micah-493Kimberly-and-Micah-256Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-022Kimberly-and-Micah-303 Kimberly-and-Micah-323Kimberly-and-Micah-345Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-057Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-042Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-045Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-127Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-158Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-203Kim-and-Micah-indoor-decorKim-and-Micah-windowMicah-and-Kimberly-FILM-144Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-001Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-220Kim-and-Micah-sparklers Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-214 Micah-and-Kimberly-FILM-216

Ceremony and Reception location: Barn at Harvest Moon, Poynette Wisconsin
Brides shoes: Toms! :)
Hair and Makeup: Anna Cowan
Florist: Elizabeth Doering (friend of the bride) amazing, right?! :)
Dessert: Chocolates by Gail Amrosius Chocolatier
Ice cream toppings: Homemade by the bride!
Invitations: Rachel Wyse


5 Responses to Kim and Micah :: colorful Wisconsin barn wedding

  1. Dani says:

    Beautiful! I love the colors!!

  2. Dawn Marquart says:

    I know her Mom was there is spirit. What a wonderful testimony of love.

  3. Kimberly Friesen says:

    EMILY! These are just stunning! I love all them. You are simply amazing and your write up describes our ceremony beautifully!I love being reminded of our special day with your wonderful photos! Thank you! :)

  4. Brad says:

    i LOVE these images (I mean—I always do for your work), but these are just so incredible. They’re so rich in emotion with such a painterly feel to them.

  5. Renee Whirry says:

    Still the best photographer in WI… and there are many great ones out there, but you always capture the essence of the day. Amazing!

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