February 12, 2013 : Miscellaneous, Weddings

From this weekend! :)

What a weekend! :) We had another AMAZING group of photographers at the Minneapolis Photo Center to learn and shoot together, it was awesome! :)

I find teaching to be EXTREMELY humbling! To think that I have ANYTHING worth teaching is humbling in of itself, but I find that every single time I meet someone new to share about my business, I always walk away changed myself. You see, I’ve always been an external processor (you can ask my husband :) so processing branding and marketing and the nuts-and-bolts of being an entrepreneur out loud always leaves me changed. It challenges me and it forces me to think and re-think all of my strategies! :) And I like that! I like that being a business owner is fluid…that there are no “rules”! (Well maybe according to the IRS, there are..but that is besides the point)! :) I like that many of us can own the same “kind” of business and approach it differently and operate in it differently. Maybe that’s the artist in me that enjoys seeing other successes in different patterns! :)

And this weekend was one of those weekends….I walked away thinking and rethinking some new ideas and some new strategies! I have some new goals (THANKS JEFF!) and I have about 47,000 ideas running through my head about this 2013 year! :) Some about being a mom, some about being a photographer, some about being a textile artist, some about being a wife and a friend and a daughter-in-law…the list goes on…

SO needless to say, it was a great weekend! And it was full of some ideas of change! I hope everyone else there had just as much fun and learned just as much as I did! :)

HAPPY TUESDAY everyone! :)

PS…..Isn’t Lisa, of Johnny and Dottie, just amazing (AHHMMMAAAZING) at her concepts?! I mean, I think we all about died after shooting Gabby and Ben and their fabulous details! :)

Emily Steffen, winter wedding ideas, winter wedding, minneapolis photo center, minnesota wedding ideas MPLS-photo-center-feb-2013-006 MPLS-photo-center-feb-2013-016 Mpls-photo-center-table-detailsMPLS-photo-center-feb-2013-045MPLS-photo-center-feb-2013-071MPLS-photo-center-feb-2013-103MPLS-photo-center-feb-2013-036 Mpls-photo-center-gabby-and-benMPLS-photo-center-feb-2013-110Mpls-photo-center-gabby-backMPLS-photo-center-gabby-ben-bwMpls-photo-center-gabby-tallMpls-photo-center-tableMPLS-photo-center-feb-2013-163MPLS-photo-center-feb-2013-157Mpls-photo-center-outside-giggle

Location: The Mpls Photo Center, Minneapolis MN
Design and Styling: Johnny and Dottie
Flowers and table decor: Johnny and Dottie
Paper goods: Dena Swenson
Hair: Aubrey, Swept Up
Makeup: Unveil Lovliness
Table linens and rentals: Linen Effects
Bride’s Dress and accessories: Bridal Accents, MN
Bride’s fur: Target :)


12 Responses to From this weekend! :)

  1. You are amazing Emily! And that close-up shot of her face… only if every bride had a photo like that from their wedding day!

  2. jes says:

    all of you are just freakishly talented!

  3. Dave McCann says:

    Emily! These photos are stunning! It was a pleasure to have met you this past weekend! Fantastic work!!

  4. woah woah woah. I swear. If you were locked in the Photo Center for six years, and they just tossed a few brides, a few grooms, and a few sticks inside, and told you to make something pretty, you would still be on top of the world. :) You are amazing, and so is the work of your sweet friend, Lisa at design! Beautiful you guys.

  5. maren says:

    gorgeous! love!

  6. Tasha says:

    No words…. That tablecloth! And flowers! And photos! And couple! And makeup! And hair! And dress! Ahhh, the whole thing is beyond gorgeous!!!!

  7. betsy says:

    Jealous rage!!!!!!! ;) Beautiful photos!

  8. Pat Leone says:

    These are too beautful for words. Their true love really shines through. They are a beautful couple, inside and out. Your photographs of them are superb.

    Nana Leone (Ben’s grandmother)

  9. dena says:


  10. lisa says:

    Umm…have I told you lately just how much I adore you??!? The shoot could not have been more perfect. THANK YOU for sharing your talents with this world and for just being AWESOME you!!!! xo

  11. Stacy Duncan says:

    I always love looking at your pictures! Hope you are doing well and wanted to tell you I think I saw your pug Edward’s picture on the 1000pugs.com site in her project recap. Was he pug #323? Here is the link in case you haven’t seen it (not sure if you even get time to read blog comments…). http://1000pugs.com/good/

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