February 27, 2013 : Textiles

Triangle bunting quilt pattern! :) YAY!

So……with spring in my mind (dang snow and subzero temps are just getting to me) I couldn’t help but just daydream about a picnic lunch outside with baby Zeke and Aaron, by the stream in our backyard. With yummy sandwiches, green grass and lush trees all around. I could picture the giggles and the chasing of baby Zeke (because he’ll surely be learning to walk at that point)….and out of this vision, a cute quilt blanket pattern was born! :) Now, this size might be a bit small for a multi-family picnic, but it’s EASILY adjustable! OR it’s perfect for a stroller blanket, a crib quilt, play blanket or a beautiful throw for your family room! :)

As I was designing, I feel in love with the ability it has to be so colorful and happy! :) Don’t you think?! :)

So HURRY up Spring….so we can go outside and play on this new blanket! :)

This pattern is available in my Etsy shop; and for the month of March, take 50% off the price with code: BUNTING! :)

YAY sewing!

Quilt pattern, bunting quilt pattern, spring quilt, emily steffen textiles Quilt pattern, bunting quilt pattern, spring quilt, emily steffen textiles



3 Responses to Triangle bunting quilt pattern! :) YAY!

  1. Patricia E says:

    This is so stinking cute! I’ve been dreaming up a quilt for my daughter , and although its not exactly like this, it also has lots of triangles. Love these colors. So anyway, I’ve seen your stuff here and there, and watched a video interview with you recently and I really think you’re great. Maybe someday our paths will cross and we can chat over coffee or our children playing.

  2. emilysteffenphoto says:

    Patricia! You are so sweet!! I would love to see your finished quilt and meet someday! :)

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