November 20, 2013 : My story

A little boys best pug friend!

Ya know, when we had to put pug down in June, our hearts were broken. We didn’t think that anything or ANY pug could replace what pug (aka Edward) was to us. A pudgy, food-loving, snoring, lazy, loyal one-eyed companion that followed me around the house ALL the time. He was with Aaron before we were married, agreeably moved into many houses with us, layed beside me in comfort while I was grieving the loss of my parents and grouch-illy accepted both a new pug (Gwen) and a baby boy into his house! The day we had to say good-bye to pug was the day that a GIANT pug-shaped hole appeared in our hearts!

But, along comes Norman! A 8 week-old, fawn colored little pug with loads of energy and the fetching-ability that Edward never had! :) He waits outside Zeke’s door every morning and eagerly greets him waiting to play when that door opens! He chews on Edwards favorite Watermelon toy, runs and runs and runs with Zeke, plays tug-of-war with Gwen and has started to repair our pug-shaped hole! We love him. He’s perfect for our family.

Welcome to the family Norman Linus! :) You are already a little boy’s best pug friend with adventures that are only beginning! :)

pug, pugs, pug family, pug puppy, Emily Steffenpug, pugs, pug family, pug puppy, Emily SteffenPugs, pug, pug family, pug puppy, Emily Steffenpug, pugs, pug family, pug puppy, Emily Steffen


Hi! I'm Emily! :)

I am an artist; a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER by day, TEXTILE ARTIST by night and mommy and wife in the middle! :)

I am an encourager, believer-in-love, every-day doodler, pug-wrangler, joy-spreader, and ice-cream devourer!

My absolute joy is to

show you how much you love + are loved!

Learn more about me here! :)

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