March 6, 2013 : Miscellaneous, My story

Our little (snowy) world…

Dear baby Zeke! :)

One of the thing that I LOVE about being your Mommy, and never expected to, is being able to introduce you to the world! :) Feeding you new foods, teaching you how to pet the pugs, showing you how to jump on Daddy and wake him up, or seeing and experiencing snow for the first time….those things that make our world “OUR WORLD”! :) I look back on my world with Grandma and Grandpa….learning how to load the wood-stove with Grandpa so that we’d have heat at night in our tiny little house, Grandma teaching me how to use a sewing machine so that I could start to sew treasures and what our little family vacations meant (usually that involved a lot of fishing with Grandpa and doodling with Grandma, but that’s a whole different story!) :)

As a Mommy, I have the opportunity to help shape our world as a family! To show you what family times means, to have regular meals around the table, to color and draw with you and read books and walk the pugs and run outside and garden….to start shaping what OUR WORLD looks like as a family! :) It’s pretty cool! :) I pray every day that those moments of “firsts” teach you…teach you about shape and color and texture…but more importantly about values and ideals. About how to stand up for yourself. About how to react in certain situations. How to love and have compassion. And how to trust in God for everyday! :)

Yay for snow and yay for amazing little boys, like you, that show Mommys, like me, what life’s little moments are really all about! :) I LOVE YOU EZEKIEL! :)

Parenting, Ezekiel, Snow, winter in wisconsin, baby first snowParenting, Ezekiel, Snow, winter in wisconsin, baby first snow


5 Responses to Our little (snowy) world…

  1. Oh okay, I couldn’t help myself from peeking at this. I saw snow and the cutest little boy and I couldn’t wait until “break time” and oh boy- this post is what it’s all about. I don’t even have a little guy yet, but I know this to be true. You are a fantastic mommy and daddy, and he is so lucky to learn from the best. :) LOve you three.

  2. Dani S says:

    AWE:) this made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I feel the same about my boys, it’s so amazing what we can teach them! Motherhood is truly the greatest journey I have ever been on, this coming from someone who wasn’t planning on kiddos ;) It’s the very best and Zeke is a total cutie! Love this.

  3. dena says:

    What a cutie!

  4. Liz says:

    SO sweet, Em!! You are a fabulous mommy!! <3

  5. Dawn Marquart says:

    OKAY…Gr. Auntie Dawn is crying again. BAHHHH. :-)

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