December 15, 2010 : My story

little gwen in polaroids!

While I was in Mexico Aaron bought the cutest, littlest black pug on the planet. And he named her Gweneth Margaret (because all animals need to have middle names according to my husband!) Gweny joins Edward, our nine year old grumpy old man pug, to the Steffen clan! :) I can rightly admit that taking care of and potty training a puppy in below zero temperatures in the winter isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but her extra cuteness pays off when she looks at me with her big puppy eyes. She is only 14 weeks now, but I know she’ll grow fast so I’m trying to get her “puppyness” on camera! :)

Gwen this morning as I bribe her not to eat our Christmas tree (because reasoning with a puppy is like reasoning with a 2 year old! :)

Pugs, Gweneth, pug, EMily Steffen, Wedding photographer

Pugs, Gweneth, pug, EMily Steffen, Wedding photographer


One Response to little gwen in polaroids!

  1. Lauren says:

    must. meet. gwen. she’s adorable!!

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