March 11, 2013 : My story, Textiles

It’s birthday week! YAY! :)

I’ve always been excited about color and imagery…..for me, it’s not only photographs and beautiful brides and framing in camera and details and wedding day emotions, but I also have a HUGE passion for textiles! For sewing pillows, rugs, and baby toys, and designing quilts, fabric and home goods! :) I would like to blame it on the creativity that my Mom surrounded me with: bolts of fabric, jars of buttons and idea after idea that ran through her sewing machine and on her doodle book pages. It was awesome as a kid….I felt like I was empowered to MAKE anything that I ever dreamed of. I remember a book project for 4th grade (ya know, the literature project of writing, illustrating and publishing your first little book)…I came home and started recreating my book in fabric pages (like the little kids plush books that I had seen my younger cousins have). It was some story about a ladybug and giraffe….pretty cute for a 4th grader (and I was quite proud of it, I might add)! :)

So, this leads me to today….I feel like my voice in both of these “worlds” (both photography and textiles) gives me something that I need for my creativity as an artist! :) I am just in the beginning stages of this textile world and I have MUCH to learn about retail and selling patterns and selling goods, but I’m LOVING it so far! :) I’ve been able to launch 2 patterns and sell endless plush cameras, toys and other goods online! :) And this week is IT…..more patterns and more ideas to celebrate birthday week! :) I have endless things up my sleeve that we’ll be releasing every day! :) YAY!

YES…it’s birthday week. Today is my amazing husband’s birthday and on Saturday is my birthday (we LOVE having birthdays in the same week because it gives us a reason to celebrate for a whole week straight)! :) Right?

So….this week, there are great things ahead. Be sure to like our Textile facebook page, follow me on Instagram, and stay tuned via Twitter so that you don’t miss a beat! :)

TODAY, we are giving away the amazing and SUPER EASY to sew Spring Bunting quilt pattern! It’s a super fun PDF pattern that is easy to make and so colorful…it’s a fabulous addition to any baby room, family room or picnic outside with kiddos! :) I promise, you’ll love it! :)

So, leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win the Spring Bunting Quilt Pattern PDF….share the post on FB and you’ll have another chance to win as well! :)

The winner will be chosen (with a random number chooser) at midnight central time TODAY! :)

HOORAY! And here’s to a great birthday week! :)

**update** congrats to Emily and Brielle for winning!!! :) check your email ladies, a fun PDF is on its way! :)

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10 Responses to It’s birthday week! YAY! :)

  1. Lucy Taylor says:


  2. Marie Anderson says:

    OOH OOH happy birthday week. This one looks super fun!!

  3. Cindy says:

    Just HAD a birthday..this would make a nice ‘belated’ birthday gift from one of my favorite ‘daughters’…just sayin’… :)

  4. Samantha Smith says:

    Absolutely love that quilt pattern. Your color choices and designs always flow so well together. Happy birthday to you and your hubby this week!

  5. Devin says:

    does it come with those cupcakes? :)

  6. katie says:

    YAY for Birthday Week!!!!

  7. Emily says:

    Hope you have a great birthday week!

  8. Brielle says:

    Yeah for bday week but even more yeah for the bday month. (Mine is on the 31st)!!

  9. Cheryl says:

    Grandma needs dome new inspiration!

  10. Brooke Wert says:

    I love hearing your childhood stories of inspiration! March birthdays ARE the very best (mine is the 26)!
    Happy Birthday week!

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