January 3, 2013 : Miscellaneous, My story

Goodbye snow! :)

So….we’re off…….boarding a plane later this afternoon to sunny Mexico for Jeanne and Adam’s wedding! :) So don’t be alarmed if e-mails take a smidge longer to return and there seems to be no blog posts this week…..Katie and I will be enjoying some fruity cocktails, warm-weather knitting and of course, many naps by the pool!

Happy January everyone….see you soon! :)

Emily Steffen, Winter wedding photographer, winter engagement photographer, midwest wedding photographer


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Hi! I'm Emily! :)

I am an artist; a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER by day, TEXTILE ARTIST by night and mommy and wife in the middle! :)

I am an encourager, believer-in-love, every-day doodler, pug-wrangler, joy-spreader, and ice-cream devourer!

My absolute joy is to

show you how much you love + are loved!

Learn more about me here! :)

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