September 5, 2013 : My story

As the sun comes up…

The house is quiet and typically the windows are open as the cooler morning breeze sweeps through the house. With Gwen at my feet I start walking down the hall to the morning chatter of a little boy in his crib excited to start his day! :) My favorite part is opening the door to see his (most of the time) smiling face and little morning dance. This kid sure loves mornings. Maybe it’s because deep down he understands the meaning of a new day and a fresh start. Or maybe it’s because kids just love the anticipation of the what is to come; surprises and routine through their day. Either way, he is teaching me to enjoy our mornings together and appreciate the kick start to a day that begins as the sun comes up! ;)

As I stumble, and he now runs, into the kitchen….I generally conjure up some breakfast as he excitedly eats it (and try’s to help make it)! He loves food more than he loves mornings (especially some good WI cheese)! :)

I’ve learned, as a new Mom, that moments like these are to be cherished. This monmy-world is a new season of life for me and one that is filling my cup with new moments, excitements, frustrations, and many many learning opportunities! And sometimes I look around and wonder how such a little boys heart could be teaching my bigger heart such simple principals….like savoring moments, choosing a smile in the early morning hours instead of being crabby, learning to listen to quiet, the power of a good morning hug and happy morning greeting, and learning to make eggs before my eyes are fully awake! :)

Now and forever do I understand and cherish the power of our little mornings together! And I love that God uses these moments to awaken my heart to them! :)

Happy morning everyone!

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June 11, 2013 : My story

A pug shaped hole :(

It’s a sad day around here! :( Today we had to put down our trusty, old-man, snorting, snoring wonderful pug Edward! He was old….13 to be exact. Remember his 10th birthday party that we threw for him? :) We surely loved him…we are one of those couples that treat our pugs like family. Well, Edward kinda thought he was a human! :) He followed me around the house with the clicking of his toenails on the hardwood so that I ALWAYS knew where he was. He had to be touching you at all times if you were watching TV on the couch. He only had one eye, but he was brave! :) He yipped for his food, ate it one morsel at a time.┬áHe started getting white spots on his forehead after I once dropped mustard on his head and had to cut it off because it dried crusty. He LOVED to get brushed after a bath. He snored really REALLY loudly. He laid on the end of our bed for seven years of marriage. He hated walks. He loved treats. He snored at my feet almost every day in my office. He was affectionately know as “PUG” to most everyone! :)

Today we have a pug-shaped hole in our house. We will miss you Pug!


May 29, 2013 : My story, Published!, Weddings

MN BRIDE + WI BRIDE features! :)

Alright….I know, I know……blog posts have been scarce the past few weeks (or ahem…….non existent)! But I promise I have about 90 billion rolls of film at the lab that I’m waiting to get back from 4 weddings, 6 engagement sessions and some snaps of Baby Zeke! :) So, I promise I won’t be silent around here long! :)

BUT, in the mean time….check out what the AMAZING LADIES at Minnesota BRIDE and Wisconsin BRIDE did in their recent Spring 2013 issues! :) MN BRIDE is featuring Alex and Chris’s beautiful, early summer, pretty-in-pink wedding from last June and WI BRIDE is featuring the super fun brunch wedding from the Enchanted Barn last May! :) They sure know how to put a week-long smile on my face!!!! :)

Grab your favorite cup of coffee and pick you up a copy of the mags at your local Target….I mean, what else do we have to do on these gloomy, rainy days?! :)

Minnesota Bride feature, Wisconsin Bride feature, Spring wedding, brunch wedding ideas, Emily Steffen, Wisconsin wedding photographerMinnesota Bride feature, Wisconsin Bride feature, Spring wedding, brunch wedding ideas, Emily Steffen, Wisconsin wedding photographerHAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE! :)

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